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View details for "Locking" Sportsgoods Storage WheelieBin(SWB120L)
"Locking" Sportsgoods Storage WheelieBin(SWB120L)

"Eliminate Lost Sports Equipment Forever"

This "HOT" new product comes in the (Four) handy Club/School "House Colours" of RED, BLUE, YELLOW & GREEN  (Plus any Mix & Match Customized Colours also, in MOQ's) ....

This fantastic new idea keeps all of your Sports Equipment together, & both "Secure" & "Organized" ! ..... Heavy duty high quality Locking system with Duel keys supplied....   And this very well priced "must have" new storage product is also "Made in Australia"....   "CANT BEAT THAT" !!!!

View details for AeroFlyer Quoits/Golf Kits   (AFQ Kits 1-3)
AeroFlyer Quoits/Golf Kits (AFQ Kits 1-3)

"Attention all Sports Teachers & Parents!" ....   Get the children off that Brain numbing "Facebook" site & back out playing healthy fun & fitness games again!....   They will love this great new Challenging game of Skill that teaches both "Leadership Skills" & "Teamwork"....  Sets up in minutes, has its own Whiteboard Scorepad & comes in an easy to carry great 900mm Zip-up Nylon Carry Bag....  Perfect for all PMP/Early  Learning Programs! 

.. View the Fully Packed Kit 1 Image directly below ..   
Available in 3 Different size kits, suitable for 4, 8, or 12 Players all playing Simultaneously
View details for AeroFlyer Quoits/Golf Set in Kitbag (AFQ Kit 1)
AeroFlyer Quoits/Golf Set in Kitbag (AFQ Kit 1)



An "AeroFlyer Quoits/Golf Set" packed in its 900mm Zip-up Nylon Kitbag ....

(With the Target Hoops shown sitting on top for image purposes)

Update Note: .... The Numbered Scoring Flags in these kits (Shown in White in the image) have now been upgraded  to be "Colour Coded" to match the Scoring Hoops! ....

                      IN  STOCK  NOW !!!
View details for "Elite Sports Aust Made" SOLID Hula Hoops (HH)
"Elite Sports Aust Made" SOLID Hula Hoops (HH)

This "HOT" New "Elite Sports Hula Hoops Range" are made from an "Ultra High" impact resistant Polymer, not used by any other hoop manufacturer....  Totally Solid through being Injection Moulded in One Single Piece, these hoops have NO JOINING POINT, making them extremely strong....   Our new hoops range are Highly UV resistant & can be twisted into tripple looped figure 8's without them breaking!

With their new solid core weighting, they far out perform all other available competitor products as the easiest hoops on the market to Hula with!

Due to it's new Super Large size, our New 90cm hoop is the first ever Hula Hoop that can be easily skipped with, & is also a far better size for children to use as both Horizontal & Vertical Targets for general game play 

We have (Four) great new Sizes available  (50 ... 63 ... 75 ... & 90cm's) .... with each size available in all (Four) Colours .... BLUE   RED  YELLOW  &  GREEN 

View details for "AeroFlyer" Flying Rings (AF)
"AeroFlyer" Flying Rings (AF)
  "The NEW Flying Ring of the 21st Century"

The "AeroFlyer" is the latest, aerodynamically designed,  sleek, new age material, flexible flying ring....   It flies amazing  distances with precision accuracy and its flexibility makes it very easy to catch

AeroFlyers are used in our "New 2012 AeroFlyer Sports Kits"

"Grab some now" in .... Fluoro Pink,  Fluoro Green,  Fluoro Yellow  and  Bright Purple

View details for The New Elite Sports "Nil Spill" (NS)
The New Elite Sports "Nil Spill" (NS)
"Never spill another drop"!

Your Glass of Wine, Soft drink, Juice or Beer will never tip over again, with this great new "Elite Sports" invention!

Take these very popular & functional new  "Nil Spills" along to your Picnics, Outdoor concerts, a Day at the Races, the Beach  or just Camping!  Just push them into the ground, and simply slide in your glass! .... Even works on sloping or uneven ground! 

"NEW" ...... We have NOW  in stock a Non-Spiked (attached by Hook & Loop Velcro) Flat Bottom Model .. for use on Spa edges, Pool copings/surrounds, Boat Tables, or anywhere else you can think of where you need your glass secured from spilling!

Both NIL SPILL Models come in (SIX) great contempory colours .... Metalic Black (with Silver spec), Fushia Pink, Marine Blue,  Metalized Silver (Chrome),  Burgandy  &  Arctic White 

"AVAILABLE  VERY  SOON" .... Boxed "Nil Spill Picnic Sets" complete with Plastic Glassware 


View details for Basketball Possession Arrow (PA)
Basketball Possession Arrow (PA)

The Elite Sports "Basketball Possession Arrow" now made from new unbreakable material has been developed in conjunction with Basketball Australia....   Basketball's new National Code now requires all contested balls to be decided by a Possession Arrow, and not a jump ball....   With a white PVC high density polymer body and a large bright Red scratch resistant arrow,  it is operated by sliding a white cover board across the double ended arrow....   Placed on the Score Bench, the scorer views a smaller arrow on the reverse side

View details for Elite Sports Standard Frizbee (FB)
Elite Sports Standard Frizbee (FB)

Made from a safe high impact & high strength plastic, our strong 230mm diameter Frizbee is the standard competition size .... 

Available in a bright new range now of (Seven) Colours ....

Have you ever thought about getting Frizbee's printed with your "Corporate Logo" on? .....  They are a fantastic "Giveaway" Promotional Opportunity! 

View details for Elite Sports "Pop Top" Sports Drink Bottle (DB)
Elite Sports "Pop Top" Sports Drink Bottle (DB)

A 750ml Soft plastic modern Drink Bottle with an easy "Pop Top" lid, that is both strong and durable....  Available in White, Red, Yellow and Black, or any colour combination for larger Custom Orders

A Logo'ed Drink Bottle, also a great "Promo Opportunity" for Business & Sporting Clubs alike....  Ask us how!

View details for Super Soft Touch "AFL" Indoor Football (IF)
Super Soft Touch "AFL" Indoor Football (IF)

Our Specially designed Elite Sports "Australian Rules" Footy is a slightly smaller sized AFL football ....   Its Soft outer skin has been specifically developed for Children's safety and the Butadiene rubber inflatable bladder is the strongest made....  This footy is just perfect for Children to learn the Kicking, Handball, Marking & Handling skills of our great game, as its Light weight and Soft touch means that players can never get hurt....  Perfect for all Indoor use